Forget everything you knew about perfumery before and immerse yourself in another reality that knows how to surprise and break the rules...
About the brand
The fragrances presented on our website were created by the author for several decades and for a long time were not of commercial interest for the perfumer himself, being the subject of only aesthetic enjoyment. The first fragrance was created in 1989, which is why the number 1989 is present in the Brand logo. - It is the year of the first perfume's creation. But the fragrances of the Brand only appeared on the perfume market and became publicly available at the end of 2017 with the author's permission.
The perfume collection, kindly provided by the author for us, shows fragrances absolutely different in plot and perception of the artistic image inherent in each composition. These are very complex fragrances, revealing exquisitely and gradually. These fragrances will sound differently on each person, depending on his temperament and mood, feelings and experiences. This collection has been created for years by the artist not for the sake of time and fashion trends, but only thanks to his own inspiration
His perfumes are able to shock or repel, to outrage or surprise, to arouse passion and desire - anything, but not to leave indifferent!
Black Narcotique
Provocative, clinging by its addiction and absolute sexual power, the fragrance from OTHER perfumery, where there are no norms and common sense. Where sinful instincts and dopamine storms rule...
Gabrielle Coco
Kill Me Softly
We felt each other's bodies so well that love seemed nameless: just naked flesh to naked flesh..." Nikki French's "Kill Me Softly"
Elixir Narcotique
Elixir Narcotique by Maestro Dumonten is like a witch's potion or poison that instantly penetrates under your skin, instantly taking over every cell of your body, every drop of your blood...The truth is that each of us is willing to pay much more for the real Elixir of Love than we can afford...
Des parfums dédiés à des personnalités - un genre particulier de la parfumerie ! Cette fois, il s'agit d'une création audacieuse et sophistiquée, à l'image d'une femme qui a créé toute l'ère du haut style et y a perpétué son nom ! Grande et inégalée MADEMOISELLE GABRIELLE COCO à votre attention de Maestro SERGE DUMONTEN ! Selon la vision de l'auteur, il devrait sentir comme CHANEL lui-même... Les notes du parfum ne sont pas divulguées par l'auteur.
Serge Dumonten is an independent perfumer, with an unparalleled and distinctive style of fragrance creation that is unique to him.
Real name Serge Duval. Descendant of the famous French painter Eugène-Emmanuel Amaury-Duval. He was born and lived in France for a while. But then he moved to Italy and by virtue of romantic circumstances married a Russian woman and now spends most of his time in Russia, in the suburbs, where he has a museum-like house and a beautiful picturesque garden, where he finds inspiration for the creation of his unique perfumery fantasies...
Unfortunately, his lack of a chemical background prevents him from enrolling in ISIPSA. In 1992 he completed a 6-month course in Grasse and continued his studies in perfumery at Symrise. Creating amazingly talented compositions, he admires the creations of Jacques Polge) and early Alan Astori with his fantasy motifs and search for unusual ways to convey atmosphere and tangible sense of fragrance. And soon receives an offer from the legendary Carthusia and moves to Turin, and from there to Capri to the famous Matteotti Giacomo, where he grasps the secrets of creating the elixir of the gods from the Carthusian monks. But after a few years he leaves commerce for free perfumery.
Practicing a different, peculiar approach to scent painting, he creates on the canvas or in his imagination a holistic artistic image, historical or private, which he thinks he can reveal and convey olfactory, framing his olfactory picture with associations of scents, like Rembrandt van Rey with light and shadow of his paintings... This is the essence of perfumery magic. The maestro paints his olfactory compositions with the colors of extracted oils of flowers and spices growing in the heart of France. And also using the best oud extracts from the Middle East.
For example, one of the first fragrances Ton Sommeil (Your Dream) as a story of personal romantic relationship of the author was created for the goddess of the French cinema inimitable and beautiful, then very young Sophie Marceau. Dumonten collection includes several other dedications and olfactory images, such as "Jean Marais", dedicated to the great 20th century French actor and Canadian actress Christine Laura Croik and even to the legendary Italian perfumer Massimo Nobile, whom Dumonten considers his teacher and inspirer!
May 15, 2017. French Perfume House SERGE DUMONTEN was presented for the first time in Russia as part of the grand opening of the "Parfumeur" Salon in the "Fashion Season" shopping center in Okhotny Ryad. The opening of the Salon and the Brand presentation was attended by Russian showbiz stars, actors, perfume critics, bloggers and journalists.
Reviews from fans of the brand
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Serge Dumonten fragrances are incredible! I've Never Seen Anything Like It. A genius perfumer. I can't even say which one I like better, because each one is beautiful in its own way. Amazing Combinations Of Notes, which immerse in memories....
Decent, soft, enveloping aromas. I really liked Miss Dumonten. From the first notes, you can hear the aroma of chocolate, the aroma of those same cocoa beans ... sweet, intimate, warm ... Тon sommeil struck with a fruity gourmand explosion from the first notes that you want to plunge into this sweetness. But as it opens, it calms down and sits on the skin unobtrusively, calmly. In Le chocolat de vanille I was surprised by the unusual combination of chocolate and rose. I could be wrong, but for me personally, because of the chocolate, a rose clearly comes out and is heard throughout the whole time. In Kristin, I also hear a rose with chocolate. I didn't think that my gourmet nose would like Daniel. Captivated by sweet berry notes. Well, I hear blackcurrant berries here, although they are not declared. I liked the fact that the aromas are not flashy, it is not possible to overdo it. Good durability. After testing the above fragrances, a strong association appears... a warm evening, a man, wine, chocolate, flowers... and everything in that spirit) service. Thank you!
Decent, soft, enveloping fragrances. I liked Miss Dumonten very much. From the first notes you can hear the aroma of chocolate, the fragrance of those very cocoa beans... Sweet, intimate, warm...Ton sommeil struck with a fruity-gourmandy explosion from the first notes, that you want to dive into this sweetness. But as it unfolds, it calms down and sits unobtrusively, calmly on the skin. In Le chocolat de vanille, I was surprised by the unusual combination of chocolate and rose. I could be wrong, but for me personally, the chocolate is clearly the rose and is heard throughout the whole time. I also hear rose and chocolate in Kristin. I did not think that for my gourmet palate, I would like Daniel. I was captivated by the sweet berry notes. Well, here I hear black currant berries, although they are not declared. I liked the fact that the flavors are not too loud, you can not overdo it. Good staying power. After trying the above fragrances, there is a strong association... A warm evening, a man, wine, chocolate, flowers .... And everything in this spirit) I would like to say thank you very much to this online store for acquaintance with the new brand, as well as to note impeccable and prompt service. Thank you!
I tested two more fragrances "Your dream" and "Daniel". "Daniel" caused, simply, delight, colleagues came into the office and asked in surprise, "What does it smell so delicious?" The top notes are a bush of ripened blackcurrant with huge berries bursting in the sun, the heart of the aroma is the same berries, but they have already begun to make jam from them, put them on the fire and they burst from the temperature and the whole kitchen is filled with the aroma of hot blackcurrant berries. The manufacturer writes about berry wine, alas, I don’t know the smell of strawberry-raspberry wine, but my perfume evokes associations with jam that has just been put on fire. At the same time, the aroma is not very sweet, very fresh, not even close to compote (which I just hate in perfumes) natural fresh berries and without sugar. The base becomes like "Miss Dumontin". I liked "Your Dream" less, for me it is too sweet, but still damn beautiful, I would rather classify it as an evening fragrance, not for the day and not for the office. Such a beautiful sweet explosion at the chocolate factory in the truffle shop. There is a slight bitterness, and also very noble. I bought all the probes at, 2.5 ml. originals, not otlivantinki, cost 460-500 rubles.
And that's not true of you, Ksyusha dear! All very possible! I read the blog "Parfym pro" Kanevskaya. There is an article about the brand. Maria has an unsurpassed talent for finding something extravagant. Well, if Kanevsky herself is already thrilled, what can I say... I ordered everything I had without looking. I even waited a very short time. Fragrances in Russia already have although not all are true ... Now what to say to you, my dear gourmands and perfume - maniacs? Honestly? After that you won't even pick up your Kilian!
I came across it by chance before the New Year in "Tsvetnoy". Apparently there was also a presentation. I only managed to listen to "Miss Dumonten" and "Excaltant de Chocolat" for some reason there was nothing else. But man, this is some kind of drug! I can't get rid of them or forget them, or disappear altogether...I don't know...this is the first time this has happened to me! But why is there no information anywhere else? Why company managers are silent and can not say anything definite? This is the first time I met a brand that I can't even buy for money! It's all strange...
...voici le site web ! !! Il y a eu une présentation de la marque à Aromateke sur Znamenka avant la nouvelle année... et aussi une réunion du club du "vestiaire des parfums". Alex Dubinsky a rassemblé comme d'habitude toute la bohème de la parfumerie moscovite. Son vin est bien sûr excellent ! Je ne peux rien dire de ses parfums... J'en ai écouté quelques uns pour hommes : "Jean Morais" - style vintage - oui... mais "Mars-Antoine"... c'est quelque chose de culte et je ne sais pas avec quoi le comparer... mais j'ai définitivement été amoureuse de Cléopâtre... Je n'ai entendu parler de l'auteur qu'en tant que créateur. Et c'est à cause du sujet. Il est précis. Tout le monde ne le portera pas. Et très cher...
On this site suddenly appeared review section! I can not help but share! I received a gift from someone dear to me a beautiful little box with five fragrances ... I did not know where he got it ... I've never heard of this brand and never seen it on sale ... the box was so ... I do not know what to compare it to ... Each fragrance is more amazing than the other ... I immediately chose the two closest to me ... Kiss of rain and Your Dream. There is something about them that attracts you so strongly, as if they become your new essence...your renewal and something very personal and only yours... It's as if they reflect what's inside of you your soul. It is enough to spray the fragrance on yourself once and you wear it the next day, and then it is always with you ... it is as if it penetrates you and becomes your aura, which is always around ... One problem at work, almost all: what is this unusual fragrance around me? And 1001 questions: what is the how much do they cost...? .... I used to wear Jean-Paul Gaultier, and sometimes Dior or Thierry Mugler, but now I'm afraid they are all in the past....Thanks for finding something that I can consider my own! Emotions have no limits!
Victoria Trishina
Perfume Critic
It was a great honor and joy for me to be one of the first to write for you my impressions of the exclusive novelty from Dumontin - the Black Narcotique fragrance (Black drug) ... Inhale - and my lungs are filled with thousands of molecules of some kind of tart madness ... I seem to I understand why the brand mentions “dopamine storms” in the description of its new product. The intensity of pleasure is directly dependent on the concentration of the hormone dopamine. The natural production of the hormone can be stimulated by activities that bring pleasure - eating your favorite food and drinks, drinking alcohol, having sex, smoking, etc. The Black Narcotique fragrance contains a formula that relieves tension: high-quality pipe tobacco, aged cognac with oak wood aroma, leather interior of an expensive car, a slice of dark chocolate with cinnamon for dessert. A stunning rough amber sounds in the background. The nose constantly reaches for the wrist for a new portion of sensations from the metamorphoses that occur with the fragrance throughout the entire sound. The quality of perfume raw materials is on top, the proportions of notes are very harmonious, there is no desire to correct something. The dark time of the day and informal atmosphere are its environment. Luxurious and status. On infantile personalities will sit "separately" from the carrier. Despite the absence of an explicit gender affiliation of the fragrance, it definitely has a pronounced masculine energy. Not a masculine sound, but a message, a character, a core... Just such an amazing combination of cognac, tobacco, leather, wood with a chocolate-cinnamon nuance, I would like to feel it from a man... I would recommend it to brutal men. Or women with a clear life position, sexual on the verge of what is permitted ...

Beware, the scent is addictive!
Perfume Critic
Real, honest and in the full sense of the word High Art - this is what can be said about all Maison Serge Dumonten fragrances without exception. I must say that I have been buying niche perfumes for a very long time and I am really picky about it. My walks in boutiques in search of new products often end up with no perfume I even want to put on my wrist. Laughing, I sometimes compare myself to the restaurant critic Ego from the cartoon "Ratatouille", who "didn't even swallow" the food he was brought for tasting. I never read reviews of flavors in advance, so my mind doesn't mix other people's opinions with my own feelings. But the day of acquaintance with Maestro's works was special. My life was really divided into "before" and "after". Shock, surprise, joy, tears, enjoyment, an endless series of insights, memories, reflections about God, good and evil, history and traditions - this is only a small fraction of what is happening to me now. This must be what it feels like for someone who, after wandering for so long, has finally found his true home and understood the true value of his life. There is no pathos in these words, on the contrary, I'm slightly dampening the colors to allow those who are not yet familiar with Maestro perfumes to write their story here. All the fragrances are very different in sound. What unites them is the stunning beauty of sound from the first to the final note, durability, uniqueness and glamour. Each fragrance is a real story, after acquaintance with which you'll be surprised to notice that the whole cabinet of selectives bought earlier has quietly and probably forever gone to the background. Serge Dumonten fragrances are like good and loyal friends who will never loudly shout to you "hey, look how cool I am!" They will quietly put their hands on your shoulders, listen to you, comfort or cheer you up. It is with them that you will find your integrity and begin to write amazing, beautiful, honest and unique stories together.
Perfume Critic
I really want to share my impressions about the Black Drug fragrance. This is the first fragrance I have from an unsurpassed Master! In my city, unfortunately, there was no opportunity to get acquainted with the delirium of Serge Dumontin. And this is the first full-size fragrance that I dared to take based on reviews and focusing on my favorite oriental trend in perfumery and my favorite notes. I am absolutely delighted!!! Luxurious fragrance, thoroughbred, superbly tailored, if I may say so, balanced East. This is not a flashy, spicy, noisy Oriental bazaar, not a sultry Arabian desert, no... This is a fragrance-feeling, it is not to amaze others with its magnificence. This is a pleasure for myself... Very intimate! Its name is one hundred percent hit of the name of the fragrance and its essence. Now I understand why it is positioned as a different perfume. Having inhaled it, I involuntarily close my eyes and waves of pleasure roll in my head !!! How beautiful he is! A pure unisex, an aristocrat, it clearly distinguishes notes of tobacco, tar, smoke, there are also light alcoholic notes, I obviously don’t feel chocolate, but in the aggregate all the notes give it away a little. Amuazhev's "Memoir" reminded me, but not a clone, of course, but a direction. "Memoir" is more gloomy and gothic, while "Drug" is the aroma of relaxation, pleasure. With him, I become greedy, this is my personal pleasure! Bravo to the Master, his talent and breathtaking aroma!
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Sales boutiques of the brand :
1. "Profumeria Alla Madonna" Lido Di Jesolo, Via Tritone 5, Italia.
2. "Profumo Emozioni Olfattive" Napoli, Via Carlo Poerio 33, Italia.
3. Salon of niche brands "Euphoria" Togliatti, 40 Yubileinaya Str., 1st Floor, VEGA Trading Center
4. Central gallery of niche brands "House of Perfumer" Penza, 1 Teatralnaya Proezd, Penza 5.
5. Boutique niche brands "Note Plume", 17, Kalinina Str., Ivanovo 6.
6. "Acqua di Colonia", gallery of rare fragrances, Nizhny Novgorod
7. Eiffel", network of exquisite perfume and cosmetics stores, Vladikavkaz
8. Boutique of niche perfumery "Individual", Kazan, Russia.
9. Boutique of niche brands "Hermitage", Vladivostok
10. Boutique salon of selective perfumes and cosmetics "PERFUME & ART", Ulyanovsk
11. Network of salons of niche brands "Perfume Plus" Sochi.
12. Business center "Slavyanskaya Redisson" Moscow.
13. "President Hotel Moscow
14. Gallery perfume MegaCenter Italy
15. "Make Up" Perfume Salon, Anapa
16. "Salon du Parfum", Kaluga
17. The Republic of Crimea, Simferopol, a boutique of exclusive niche brands of perfumes "NOS"
18. network of perfume and cosmetics salons "ELENA", Khakassia
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